spousal support

Varies Individually Case by Case

Married couples, common law couples who have cohabited for 3 years, or common law couples who have had a child together may have spousal support rights or obligations on separation, and also in some cases, on death.   Usually, spousal support is an amount of money paid monthly for a period of time.  The amount of money and how long it has to be paid depend on the circumstances of the relationship.  In many cases, we negotiate a lump sum payment as a full and final settlement of any spousal support entitlement.

There are advisory Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines that provide some guidance to spouses, lawyers and judges at determining the appropriate amount and duration of spousal support.   For more information, see http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/pi/fcy-fea/spo-epo/index.html

Because the area of spousal support depends considerably on individual cases, this can be a very difficult area to advise clients.   We have resolved many cases of spousal support either through negotiation, mediation or litigation.   We can assist you in this difficult legal area on all aspects whether you are seeking spousal support or whether your spouse wants you to be obliged to pay spousal support. 

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Kelly Jordan has extensive skills and expertise in all areas of family law. She has a reputation for her abilities as a tough advocate for challenging cases but also for her abilities to maintain and pursue fairness by way of mediation and alternate dispute resolution

If you are seeking solid experience of a lawyer who is both understanding and skilled, contact Kelly or her law clerk Liz to set up an appointment.

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"Kelly Jordan is highly skilled in her specialized area of reproductive law. Having working in the field of third party reproduction for over 20 years, it is essential to my business that I refer clients to lawyers who are as empathetic as they are qualified. Kelly Jordan and the members of her firm are such people. Her work is a wonderful compliment to the services I provide and the feedback I receive from clients I have referred to her, has always been very positive. Whether a client needs a contract drafted or a legal declaration done, I am always confident services will be provided in a timely manner and with the utmost skill and compassion. I am pleased to work with Jordan Battista and would not hesitate in sending my clients to her.

Joanne Wright, President, Canadian Surrogacy Options

Just a quick note to say thank you. I know we had a few battles along the way but I have to credit you and your office for managing my file in a professional, expedient and economically beneficial manner. Your personal, yet matter of fact way of approaching a very difficult situation was quite outstanding and progressive. Though I would never want to find myself in a similar situation, it good to know your firm is only a phone call away.

I.W., A Family Law Client

"For being the past Chair of the family law section of the CBA. I am impressed with all the work you do for the profession. ”

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