Immigration and refugee law

Our expertise in immigration and refugee law in addition to focus on the gay and lesbian community means that we are uniquely equipped to successfully deal with issues that are challenging for other immigration practitioners.

Are you thinking of moving to Canada to obtain legal immigration status for your same sex partner?

Canada is one of the few countries worldwide that recognizes same sex relationships on an equal basis as opposite sex relationships. If neither you nor your partner is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, your relationship will be recognized by Canada’s immigration laws if you have lived together for at least one year. Depending on who is more qualified, you or your partner could apply to immigrate to Canada and include the other in the application as a family member, and you will both be processed simultaneously for Canadian permanent residence.

The only obstacles in the application would be a criminal record or a serious health problem, depending on the severity of each. Contact us to find out whether you or your partner qualifies for permanent residence.

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skills, understanding and experience!

Michael Battista has extensive skills and experience in all areas of Immigration and Refugee law. He is recognized as a Specialist in Immigration Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

If you are seeking solid expertise of a lawyer who is both understanding and skilled,
contact one of our law clerks to set up an appointment.




“Thank you very much for the hard work that you and your staff put into my case. While it was far from typical, the resolution was a good one as I landed over the weekend.”

W.M., U.S.A.

"This is a long overdue note to thank you for all your hard work in helping us be together. Neither of us could have imagined a smoother process - a testament to your skill and professionalism."

K.L. and B.A., U.S.A/Canada

"I am so grateful for the effort that you put into guiding our application to a positive decision. It was evident that you put a great deal of legal skill, care, and hard work into the submissions. Most importantly, you understood how much the outcome of this case meant for us. We don't have to
worry ever again about being separated."”

A. and B.G, Canada/U.S.A

"A million thank yous for the wonderful, hard work both of you did for us."

P.K. and J.K., U.S.A/Korea


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